Are nearby hookups real or scam – Get laid safely with your neighbour

Local hookups are the most popular thing over the Internet. It’s convenient, cheap, modern, and very common. Yet, it is raising some suspicion in non-experienced singles, so here are the tips.

  • Always make sure the app is high-rated and appreciated by other users. Pay attention whether there’s helpful customer support that is on duty 24/7 for a better service.
  • Check whether the geolocation feature is on. Otherwise, some scammers may indicate they live in your town but in fact, they can be miles away. Use modern technologies.
  • For anonymity, do not hookup through the apps where profiles are connected with social networks, or where suggested matches are formed basing on your social circles.
  • It is noticed, that we trust more to girls next door than to faraway strangers. Remain cautious and do not help with money until you meet and hookup, do not waste much.
  • Remember meeting new Russian hookups online is still safer than going to the bar full of the fraud and drunk folks. Just do not share your personal data and you’ll be always fine.

As a male, how would you feel if you were called by an escort to the home of your “special friend” or girlfriend and you had to perform oral sex on her? Would you be embarrassed? Of course not. It is a normal thing for males to do to women they are in a relationship with. It’s part of the process of courtship.

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