Best 3 apps to meet Odessa women and get naughty

Top dating apps chosen by single Odessa girls

Odessa girls can easily be called the most modern and progressive in Ukraine. When some new tendencies and customs appear, they are firstly celebrated there, not in Kyiv the capital.

It is happening mostly thanks to a resort status of the city, and the atmosphere of relax and entertainment that surely include all possible new trends and cultural phenomenons.

It’s also the least traditional city in Ukraine, such as Angeles City in the Philippines. It’s a better comparison than Los Angeles in the US, because Ukraine is badly developed so far.

In any case, women from touristic city Odessa have always been open towards any technical or cultural innovations. Hookup apps and international dating were among those, too!

Like in any other modern city in the world, one can often see Odessa girls walking, sitting in parks, or driving with iPhones and other gadgets in their hands. They use all modern messengers.

Funny enough, but sometimes western men who communicate with Odessa women, appear to not be aware of some cool applications or phone features, while these girls know it in details.

With such an inquisitive and pro-active mentality, it’s not surprising all Odessa girls choose the best dating apps and often make the first step online to meet a western or local man.Hookup apps

No. 3 dating app. UkraineDate

This app isn’t the very first leader despite its title, but it places one of the first positions thanks to high rating and a big number of real users. The app belongs to famous Cupid Media.

It has such pros as very transparent membership payment without additional fees, and such cons as the presence of some bots and scammers like everywhere. One should be cautious.

However, both sides usually report to be happy and satisfied with UkraineDate services. A lot of matches are made for real, and that’s the most important thing, after all!

No. 2 dating app. Mamba

This app is super effective yet super controversial, as well. For sure, hundreds of beautiful Odessa girls can be met there and most of them will have good sincere intentions.

Also the app can be used for free. But it is really hard to weed out all the low quality women, who often happen to register on free dating platforms, and to compete with a bunch of local man.

No. 1 dating app. Brilic

Brilic gradually but confidently becomes a leader in Eastern European dating and particularly, Odessa dating. Odessa girls especially like it because of modern features and being free for them.

The app is very well-developed and trendy, but at the same time, user-friendly and intuitive enough for exploring it at ease. There is chat, group chat, video chat, and other great options.

For men, membership fees are somewhat high, so it is rather perceived as elite dating app where a girl can meet a stable and successful serious man with a bigger guarantee.

elite dating app

So how to get Odessa girl’s attention online?

There is a negative stereotype that Ukrainian women are too poor for loving a man for who he is, so they chose to be golddiggers. But it’s completely a matter of one’s definitions.

If buying a meal for a girl or sponsoring her trip to your city is golddigging for you, then it’s probably better to date a local woman without getting involved into so many worries.

But if you’ve got some savings and a stable income, and you’re ready to establish a relationship or sexy connection with a very attractive girl from overseas, then just go for it.

In fact, there are very few superficial Bimbos in Odessa, girls here tend to be intelligent, independent to a certain degree, and committed to please their partner. It’s in their genes.

The majority of them think shopping is needed for the most urgent purposes, such as warming up in winter or getting a swimsuit in summer. But it’s not the one and only goal, a good man matters more.

Odessa women aren’t senseless or heartless, they actually adore great sex and being affectionate with their partner. They want some respect they aren’t getting from local guys.

To get real, there is no danger of being ripped off enormously, like in the US, or of finding out you’re with a tranny like in all the west and in Asia. There are only true girls in Odessa!

If you want to be noticed and chosen by them, just be polite, share your emotions and news with them, tell them compliments, excite them, but do not cross the line too fast.

It’s as simple as that. If you planned a long and profound relationship, the recommendations would contain much more points, but for flirting and hookup, these ones are enough.

app for dating

What makes Odessa girl give up on you?

Since Eastern Europe is very different from the west, some men do not understand these women very clearly and make typical mistakes which would be so easy to avoid.

  • Being cold. Men do this for different reasons: natural insecurities, fears of being scammed, attempts to look cool. But in any case, it makes girls give up on you.
  • Being vulgar. It is quite difficult today to possess vulgarity and abuse in a western country, since the law got stricter. So men do this in countries like Ukraine. Don’t!
  • Bribing her. Men do this for different reasons too: rumours about Odessa girls being easy and poor, the lack of gallant manners, or whatever. A normal girl rejects that.
  • Endless complaints. No doubts your life wasn’t completely smooth, especially if you went through divorce or met some scammers. But try to be a bit more positive.
  • If stinginess was a norm, the literature wouldn’t know Ebenezer Scrooge. And who ever liked him until he changed? Odessa girls are scared by Scrooges.
  • Selfishness in a bed. Come on, Ukrainian women see enough of that disgrace from their local men. It really hurts them to be used and abused, even if in a light form.

No one asks you to be the prince charming, our world is too harsh and your character might be influenced by too many factors. But, at least be nice and reasonable, it will be appreciated!


Some tricks you may use to attract them

Although Odessa girls are smart, they are a bit naive. It happens because just a few of them actually visited America or other western countries. It’s too far and too expensive.

Even experienced travellers have seen only Turkey, Egypt, and countries on a neighbourhood like Poland or Hungary. They do not know realities of the western world, at all.

We aren’t suggesting to manipulate with the facts and give them false hopes, but it’s a fact that Ukrainian women will believe anything you tell them about the USA and your life there.

It’s up to you whether you want to use this trick or not, to get them interested. In any case, travelling remains one of the main interests of Odessa girls, and you can play this card.

If she is hard to crack and still has doubts whether she should get involved with you, take her to some short inexpensive trip around there. As other men report, it is always paid off!